Outcomes over outputs

TV Interview Q&A session draft footage 'Outcomes over outputs'
Our CEO Adrian Marks talking for TV after coming off stage at a global marketing event. Draft footage.
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by | Jun 26, 2019 | Video

“A couple of times today you’ve spoken about outputs being irrelevant and that the focus should be on outcomes…”

Yes, absolutely, I mean it is one of the reasons I think I started the agency. I had a couple of businesses previously and it was very, very difficult to find a marketing agency or a consultancy that could actually come in and understand that, actually all I’m interested in is the yield, the profit, the revenue, the return sales, the amount of customer that I’ve got, and 9 times out of 10 a lot of businesses get caught up in what they do.  They get excited and passionate about the outputs, how beautiful the website is, how wonderful their hotel is and whatever the business is, the outputs are irrelevant because all that matters is outcomes.

Now you need to deliver on the outputs obviously otherwise there are no outcomes, but if you focus with clarity on what you really ought to achieve from a sales perspective, from a return investment perspective, from a business growth perspective, then you reverse engineer that and decide what has to be done – outputs to achieve that.
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