Unique, battle-tested, proven, Gym Growth programme... Unlock your gym's full potential... Join over 750+ gyms generating more leads, more members, & more profit.
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You are not in the gym business.
You’re in the selling gym memberships business.

GYM ACCELERATOR is a unique, tailored, programme that blends marketing implementation support, sales coaching and business growth consultancy that helps remove the hassles, roadblocks and frustrations around building your gym business.

Market more effectively, get more sales, increase the lifetime value of each and every members…

and ultimately increase your gym’s profit.

GYM ACCELERATOR is a year round coaching and consulting program created to take you from where you are to where you want to be – running a highly profitable gym business that delivers sales like clockwork, producing crazy profits and living the life you always planned.

We will provide you with everything you need to make your gym business successful, profitable and FUN.

Over the last 15 years we have implemented our unique, proven, battle-tested, 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ into over 750 gym, across 12 countries and helped our Clients generate over 1.5 million new members and £1.2 Billion in revenue & membership sales.

All you need to build, grow and scale a highly profitable gym business


We help you to immediately improve your product offering, positioning, pricing and promotion.

2. GROW.

Our proven marketing & sales strategies will take your gym from where it is to where you want it to be. 


Take your business to the next level  via member leverage strategies, and/or multi-site expansion .

How we help you.


Access our blog, watch our trainings and take advantage of our free events to maximise opportunities within your gym.

Or sign up for our free 7-Figure Gym Formula training – a 45-minute dive into the strategies you need to optimise, your success.


We have our programme into over 750 gyms worldwide and trained thousands more on our 7-Figure Gym Formula™.

Our results guaranteed, gym growth solutions  have delivered over 1.5M members, and £1.2 Billion in revenue , for our Clients to date.


We offer a second consulting driven programme; a combination of strategy, peer support, sales training and 1-2-1 coaching.

Work personally with Adrian to implement game changing strategies, and business growth ideas, guaranteed to boost sales and profit.

How we work together.

You set out to be an entrepreneur for a very personal reason – which more than likely had something to do with either financial freedom, having more time, better family balance or to make a difference.

Or maybe all of the above.

What it didn’t involve I’m guessing, was endless hours in your gym, working late into the evening, frustration around lack of sales, struggling to make the money your expertise and knowledge deserves, worrying about how to pay your bills –  or just being generally stressed out and stuck in a rut.

The great news is that all those can disappear, in as little as 90-days – by simply implementing the 7-Figure Gym Formula™

Proven Process

We have taken the guesswork out of starting, growing and scaling a gym business. Having worked with thousands of gyms across the globe over almost two decades we have been able to see what works – and more importantly what doesn’t.

We have been able not only to test out our own strategies and theories over that time but we have been able to ask some of the most successful healths clubs, racquet clubs, budget gyms, bootcamps and studios, what makes them successful.

What do you do to get so many members?

What do you do to charge more money?

What do you do to keep members longer?

How are you so profitable?

We have taken all this knowledge, experience, skillset, and success, and turned into a programme of strategic success frameworks called the 7-Figure Gym Formula™. It sounds a simple premise, perhaps a bit cliched and salesy, but it is a powerhouse of a programme.

These frameworks will increase your sales, increase lifetime value, and remove the barriers to growing your gym business, whilst you focus on running your business and implementing results for your members.


Cohesive Community

They say you are the sum of the six closest people around you. Imagine being part of an active community of successful, focused, like-minded entrepreneurial gym owners – who collaborate with each other, provide guidance and help, without expectation, to each other, build enduring friendships, in an environment where you can have fun building your business.

Mastery Mentorship

No matter how good the coaching and marketing implementation support is, you’ll always have questions. Always have the need to turn to someone for help. And that’s why the ability to get 24/7 access to experts in your own group, monthly livestream Q&A’s and endless resources and video support was essential when planning this programme out..

On top of that you get access to your own Sales & Marketing Consultant for weekly calls and trainings. Not a faceless, non-industry, non entity but a fully trained strategic marketing specialist who comes with an absolute minimum of 10-years gym marketing experience.  

Impactful Implementation

.We don’t just consult – we will provide everything you need to create, build, and implement your marketing, sales and business growth strategies. We give you access to our copywriters, designers, funnel-hackers, paid media experts et al.

No matter how good the support is, unless you implement effectively your gym business won’t grow. So we take every step to ensure that you get everything you need to succeed.

When building out the programme we made sure we covered every element for successful gym growth. We give you marketing campaigns and sales structures, that maximise every opportunity when it comes to driving sales and revenue from new prospects, lapsed members, member referrals and existing enquiries.

And we deliver all this via a programme that will provide an immediate return on investment.

Guaranteed – or your money back…