A 90-day marketing implementation and sales coaching programme for your gym that will increase your enquiries and boost sales - whilst you focus on delivering results.
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Build a wildly profitable gym business.

When it comes to building your gym business the biggest barriers to your success lie within the clarity around your sales and marketing strategy – of your pricing, positioning, promotion and profitability – and then with its implementation.

Over 90-days, we will implement a full marketing programme for you – optimise your offer, set up your ads using our 4×4 Ads Model, improve your sales funnel, create a pricing structure that instantly increases sales, and generate you more enquiries and convert them into members.

We will deliver a marketing programme that includes prospects, ex-members and referrals – across social, PPC, email, sms and traditional outreach and promotion.

As well as working hand in hand with you to implement your marketing we will also help you create effective sales and growth strategies across your gym business.

How we help your gym business grow.

If you are reading this we guarantee you probably fall into one of three categories; You don’t realise that you are in the ‘selling of gym memberships’ business and not the gym business, and therefore you struggle for a consistent flow of leads and regular profitable sales.

Or you have too many ideas, too many ads running, too many pricing packages and too many offers for your business to grow effectively and the confusion is strangling your business’s profitability.

Or you simply feel it’s time to have a professional gym marketing agency take over the day to day of running your marketing and help take your sales to the next level… Without the hassle of having to do, or oversee, it all yourself.

‘KICK START is about simplicity. It’s about helping you create absolute certainty on WHO you serve, WHAT you sell, and HOW to market and sell to them to build a successful and profitable gym business.



We have all you need to build a highly profitable gym.

We can provide the frameworks, marketing implementation, sales training and scripts and a community of peers all focused on one thing. Business Growth. Whilst you get on with what you do best – delivering results for you members.

Who is it for, and is it right for me?

If you are a gym owner, franchise owner, or gym manager, that sells memberships or 1-2-1 or 1-2-group programmes then this will work for you. Kickstart has been run, and delivered amazing results, in all sorts of facilities – from budget to premium, big box to boutique, cross-fit to country club… and everything else in between.

Whether you need 200 hundred members or 2,000 it will deliver.

The programme is fully supported for you (non of that cookie cutting template stuff, leave you to it, watch the videos, poor excuse for support, here!), and is guaranteed to generate a return on investment within 90-days.

If you’ve had enough of agencies that over promise and under deliver, or are just at your wits end trying to either do it yourself or employ someone half decent that can – then we’re worth a chat.



Since 2007 we have helped 713 gyms, across 12 countries, generate over 1.5 million members. will you be number 714?