The 7-Figure Gym Formula™.

The simple four framework model to effectively build, grow and scale a highly profitable gym business.
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A flywheel for driving ever increasing growth in your gym business.

The 7-Figure Gym Formula is a series of frameworks that focus on the four core areas of a successful gym – Traffic, Conversion, Leverage & Economics – that when implemented effectively will create a friction free scalable business. The Formula is the first thing to turn to when your gym business stalls, profit is low, you aren’t generating enough new Clients, or you simply want to launch it right first time around.

We see the 7-Figure Gym Formula™ as a single entity flywheel that flows through one framework to the next. When you enhance one part of the flywheel you improve the next and so on – creating ever increasing momentum to the flywheel. We are constantly working to increase that momentum.

We commit tens of thousands every month to battle-test new concepts strategies and tactics that when proven successful are pushed out across our gym network.

The 7-Figure Gym Formula™ can grow your gym business bigger & faster than anything else!

Over 700 gyms have utilised the Formula to consistently generate more enquiries, increase membership sales and build a more profitable, long term gym business. By learning, and then installing, the 4 Frameworks in your gym business you can remove all your current barriers, frustrations and concerns around business grow. You will:


  • Overcome the blockages in your gym’s growth.
  • Create the perfect offer for the Perfect Member.
  • Remove the frustration of talking to people who won’t pay what you’re worth.
  • Never worry where the next lead or enquiry is coming from.
  • Get rid of the time wasters and ‘never-buys’.
  • Remove the frustration of fluctuating sales.

Four Frameworks of the 7-Figure Gym Formula™ that are responsible for over £1 Billion in membership sales.

The Core4 Model

The Strategic Framework



The ECONOMICS stage within the 7-Figure Gym Formula is ultimately the foundation for the success for your gym business. It acts as the catalyst for the other three elements of the model.

Without it you will struggle with clarity, strategy and profitability – a death knoll for growth. In short, Economics is about creating a foundation for strategic growth – across positioning, product and pricing – and ultimately, profitability within your gym business.

The Brand Response Framework



Put simply…

Who’s got my money & where are they?
What would make them give me that money?
And what’s the best way to reach out to them?

Answering those three questions succinctly allows you to start building an effective marketing strategy. But the hidden growth accelerator to your activity lies within actions: How frequently am I talking to them; how consistent is my message; and how long have I been delivering it for.

The Commercial Framework



Sales will be the lifeblood of your business. Learning how to create sales funnels, write copy and handle sales tours will help skyrocket your gym business. The biggest returns however will come from the way you package your offers and the follow up strategies you utilise to increase lifetime value of each Member.

The foundation of the conversion framework is ‘mathematics’. The analysis of your average sales value, the prices you present and the return on investment.

The Leverage Framework



The Leverage framework expands in importance as your gym business grows. Initially if you are working with yourself and a handful of team members then the focus should be on marketing, sales and building your core business. As you grow through multiple 6-figures then the focus on a single revenue stream should decrease, and the need for scaling through leveraging profit per member and additional profit streams or locations increases.

We guarantee the 7-Figure Gym Formula™ will create unparalleled returns for your gym. Take the first step today – talk to one of our team to see how it can work for you.