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"How to implement value-based pricing."
We have just finished an Accelerator One intensive for a new batch of clients or students that are coming into our programmes and it’s after days like this I tend to sort of do these off the cuff videos and…
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by | Jul 23, 2021 | Video

Hi guys Adrian Marks, Accelerator Consulting.

We have just another day of intensives with our Accelerator One clients and I just wanted to do a quick video because what’s really come out of this more than anything is a regular thing we come across is the whole idea of the confidence to get behind the value pricing concept. When we were working with the guys today about their 90-day planners for their scaling up programmes. The problems are pretty much always the same, it’s how do I believe the confidence to charge the type of prices that we are sort of suggesting that people can type.

So I just want to do this quick video link to just to talk though that that concept and what it means and when we first get involved with clients, particularly at the lower end if they are looking to build their coaching, consulting business they are probably, you know, maybe levelling less than ten thousand pounds, sort of fifteen thousand dollars a month and they all have sort of three or four core fundamental things they have to build or get over or focus on, and the one they really struggle with out of all of it I think is the one that has the biggest change in mind set which is the whole idea of value pricing and not pricing by the hour. You know we have had PT’s coming to this group who charge £25.00 or $35.00 an hour and that’s just not scalable. Time is finite, you would just burnout, you can only handle so many clients, even when you go into a group coaching concept it still very, very tight to build a decent business out of the time-based concept. So today has been really interesting, we have sort of been able to sit down and look at the value of their transformations, so the whole idea, with their client before they start is here and then through the services that they provide it takes them to here. So, it takes them from where they are to sort of where they want to be and then getting them to put value onto their programme and all of sudden it is a lot easier to charge that sort of money. We have a client that has actually gone out from a ward now and moved over to consulting, but she helps with fertility and helping couples get pregnant and ok you can’t put a monetary value on that per se, but when people had tried for 5, 6 or 7 years to have a baby but were unable to and she has a programme and a concept that is pretty, pretty fool proof.

The value is huge and before she was charging sort of £300 basing it on the fact that there were x amount of appointments, I think it was 6 half an hour appointments and we have taught her how to evolve that into a program which is focused on the value and the end result and it’s the same as every business if you’re coaching and consulting has a value to it and if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t be doing it. If you are doing it and you don’t have a high enough value then find a way of expanding that gap, we know where they are but in terms of where they get to, what can you do for them, what is that transformation, because the pricing lies in the gap. The pricing lies in how you get them, not only from where they are but to where they want to be, but the outcome and the results and the benefit that lies between it. If you think of our end of Accelerator One which we have been working on today, you know we are taking coaches to sort of ten thousand pounds, twelve to fifteen thousand dollars a month so that over six figures. A lot of them are doing less that sort of fifteen to twenty thousand a year so what the value there is very straight forward and will get you that monetary value and what you would pay to get that monetary value is really straight forward, but a lot of businesses are the same, you know again I talk about some of the PT’s that we have worked with, they have helped people dramatically changed their body shape or dramatically improve their confidence so I think package rather than an hourly basis, rather than sort of a group package of twenty sessions they can actually put a value on that gap, a value on that transformation, a value on that journey it is a hell of a lot easier to sell. But you have got to be able to deliver, you’ve got to be able to guarantee that if they follow what you do then you can deliver, but once you’ve got that in place, then the ability to charge and discard the concept of billing by the hour just disappears. So, I just wanted to share that whole concept.

Now you’ll hear other people talking about premium pricing or high ticket offers, it’s pretty much all the same, its value based, it has nothing to do with what it costs you to make the product, or deliver the product. It is ultimately the price you put on it in relation to the value that you provide at the end of that journey.

So anyway, I thought I would share that today and I hope that helps.

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