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Guided by a deep understanding of ‘why’ and ‘how’ people buy – in short what makes people tick (and click!) - we create, revitalise and turnaround brands to drive commercial performance.
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Brand Adds Value. Period

We will work alongside you to generate customer and employee engagement, demand and ultimately sales growth. We are experts at working to deliver brands that lay out a compelling set of values to customers, employees and Clients. We can help with anything from a simple product identity workshop through to a complete market repositioning.

Brand Knew

We believe you should have a story that informs, engages and inspires. We believe you have to differentiate yourself in a marketplace that is overcrowded. We believe you must engage internally around one chosen voice that drives ownership of your outcomes. Through years of experience – both theoretical and practical – we have created a logical, effective, yet surprisingly simple branding model that will help any business deduce, define and deliver on a clear, consistent and compelling brand.

Evaluation: Where Are We Now?

If you’re a start-up we build from the ground up with vision, values and culture. An existing brand, or product, in need of revitalising – or a new product or service – will mean we launch with customer and employee perception tools and build from there.

Proposition: Where do we want to be?

Built around workshops with the leadership team this stage is about developing a brand voice, propositions and a definition of the core sense of why!

Emotional identity: how do we feel?

This is where it all gets pretty with graphics, texture, design, brand guidelines, naming, photography and copywriting.

Delivery: How do we communicate?

External and internal communications are planned here. Brand management tools and systems are agreed and implemented. Future benchmarking is agreed and planned.

People buy emotionally and impulsively – Your brand must have it’s sense of ‘why’ at the very core of it’s Brand DNA

We ‘brand’ products, services, organisations and people

A new ‘premium budget’ fitness chain has taken the UK fitness industry by storm with it’s low cost/high quality gym concept.

A hotel chain has become a ’select collection of individual hotels for the individual traveller’. A new breed of customer focused, no jargon, sales savvy solicitor practices have been expanded across the UK market with devastating effect.

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